Fight Shark Island is a kind of spinning rides. Players can shoot the targets on the island with water guns. When targets are shot, they will do some funny actions. There is Mr.Shark in the middle of the rides turning in a circle, he will always spray water, players could use plate to prevent attack. It is interactive and surprised family rides.

Tech Parameter

Size: φ14.8m*H4.5m                                                                                               Rated Voltage: AC380V

Rated Power: 25KW                                                                                                Angular Velocity Ratio: 3r/min

Cockpit: 12                                                                                                             Capacity: 24P

Tourist capacity: 480P/h(Playing Time: 3 mins)


Product Details Pictures

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1.Q: Why does the rotating motor not turn?

   A: (1) Whether the power supply into the converter R, S, T, end.

        (2)  Whether the frequency converter is abnormal (Whether charging indicator light is on).

        (3)  Whether the corotation signal input.

2.Q: Why does the rotating motor reverse?

    A: Whether the phase sequence of three-phase power is changed.


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